02 Feb

Reframing ‘immigration’

What if instead of thinking of immigration increases as a discrete nameable and soluble/containable problem, we thought of them as part of globalisation, as an inevitable and totally unsurprising consequence of virtually untrammelled economic globalisation?

What if we added that it is appalling that the WTO, big corporations and neo-liberal politicians do all they can to facilitate the free movement of goods, but are quite willing to clamp down viciously on the free movement of people? How dare our governments bar people a right that they insist on allowing to commodities?!

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11 Nov

Save the Humans

The truth will not set you free.

The truth will not save the planet.

Far far more than truth is needed. Far far more than just the facts, ma’am. You need an effective way of communicating that truth, those facts. You need, that is to say, a way of moving people – you need to connect with what at the most fundamental level matters to them, their needs and values, and with what moves them – literally, with their emotions. If you connect with their feelings and emotions, and if you tap into their needs and values, then you stand a chance of being able to request an action of them (such as voting for you, or investing in a low energy light bulb, or even a solar hot water system, or even giving up flying, or sitting blockading a plane loaded with nuclear bombs) with success.

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