18 Nov

‘Make America Great Again’ – why are liberals losing the war of soundbites?

Steven Poole’s recent Guardian article, ‘Make America Great Again’ – why are liberals losing the war of soundbites? is a timely look at some of the big debates that we think need to be happening in green and environmental circles, if we are to halt the seemingly inexorable rise of the Right and its increasingly overt authoritarian, prejudicial and climate change denying platform. We live in scary times, and as Poole’s article notes, it is probably naive for us to believe we can ‘frame’ our way into the sustainable future we want to inhabit. However, we think that its likely to be equally naive for us to assume that bad framing has played no part in the slow collapse (with a few notable and important exceptions) of leftist politics in the Global North. With that in mind, we welcome Poole’s article, which provides a good overview of some of the most important contributions to this debate.

Available to read at: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/nov/13/make-america-great-again-why-are-liberals-losing-the-war-of-soundbites

10 Apr

A few quick suggested green reframes:

  1. ‘Sustainability’ > One-planet-living.
    [The terms ‘sustainability’ is vague; ’One-planet living’ is not]
  2. ‘Sustainable development’ > Limits to growth; steady-state / dynamic-equilibrium economy.
    [’Sustainable development’ is basically a nice way of saying ‘economic growth’; and is unbelievably hubristic (are we really a model? Have we really developed?]
  3. ‘The environment’ > Ecosystems, ecology; the Earth / our living planet (though NOT ecosystem-services).
    [’The environment’ is not us. WE need to be a part of what we are saving.]
  4. ‘Human being’ > Human animal / humanimal.
    [We need to remind ourselves constantly that we are animals too. (How do you like my neologism, ‘humanimal’?)]
  5. ‘Future generations’ > Future people.
    [See my recent article in THINK for why…]