Originally established in 2008, the Green Words Workshop is a virtual forum for the discussion & development of ways to reach the ordinary public with exciting & radical green political messages and ideas.

This is the first time such a project, focussing on the role of values, framing, narratives, emotions and identity, has been initiated in Britain.

The writers behind the project, Dr Rupert Read, of the University of East Anglia and Matthew LJ Wootton were developing these ideas for publication in a forthcoming book, titled “The Values Revolution”.

Tragically Matt was lost at sea in 2013 crossing from New Zealand to Australia in a 60ft sailing yacht  “Nina” before the book could be completed. Matt was engaged in a low carbon round the world trip, the Nina disappeared with all hands in a storm and despite extensive searches no trace has been found.

After a hiatus the Green Words Workshop project is now being taken forward by Rupert Read. The articles from the original site are being added here with their original dates and author names.

Guest contributions should be submitted by email to info@greenwordsworkshop.org.uk. Please feel free to read the articles on the website and make your own comments & contributions – comments are automatically spam and abuse filtered and then moderated by a real person so there will be a delay before your comment appears.