10 Apr

A few quick suggested green reframes:

  1. ‘Sustainability’ > One-planet-living.
    [The terms ‘sustainability’ is vague; ’One-planet living’ is not]
  2. ‘Sustainable development’ > Limits to growth; steady-state / dynamic-equilibrium economy.
    [’Sustainable development’ is basically a nice way of saying ‘economic growth’; and is unbelievably hubristic (are we really a model? Have we really developed?]
  3. ‘The environment’ > Ecosystems, ecology; the Earth / our living planet (though NOT ecosystem-services).
    [’The environment’ is not us. WE need to be a part of what we are saving.]
  4. ‘Human being’ > Human animal / humanimal.
    [We need to remind ourselves constantly that we are animals too. (How do you like my neologism, ‘humanimal’?)]
  5. ‘Future generations’ > Future people.
    [See my recent article in THINK for why…]