04 Jan

My Strength Is Not For Hurting

strengthhurtI just want to quickly draw people’s attention to this excellent anti-rape campaign in California, entitled “My strength is not for hurting”. To my mind it takes the key Authoritarian value of Strength and couples it with normally opposing Nurturing priorities. An excellent way, to my mind, to appeal to men’s strength and egos whilst changeling them into doing the right thing.

The campaign’s use of the idea of Strength also enables them to maintain a theme that runs through their website, with pages entitled “Share your Strength” and “Resources of Strength” etc. The website is www.mystrength.org I’ve archived some more of their posters on flickr, here. Good, values-based framing, for a good cause.

03 Jan

Reframing (betraying) Beveridge

In his “radical rethink” of Britain’s benefits system in “A William Beveridge for this century’s welfare state“,  the Labour Party’s Liam Byrne has produced a spectacular and instructive example of the failing of contemporary politicians to understand how the human mind works, and consequently to understand how to do politics.

The lessons we can draw from it show how values, not policies or issues or attitudes, are the real framework behind how voters think, and the real key to understanding them, communicating with them and changing society for the better.
It also shows us how the Labour party is not only mimicking the Conservatives in a way that will only harm them and society, but how it is dangerously close to engaging in hate speech.

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