20 Mar

Notes from our Green Party conference fringe

Hello if you attended our event at the Green conference in Blackpool today!

Here are some handout notes for you to get stuck into. Enjoy!


  • (Rose) http://www.campaignstrategy.org/
  • (Lakoff et al) http://www.georgelakoff.com/


And us:


  • Chris Rose: How to win campaigns
  • George Lakoff:  Moral politics or Thinking points
  • Drew Westen:  THE POLITICAL BRAIN:
    What a voter needs to know most in deciding whether to vote for one candidate or the other are four things, roughly in this order: First, do they share the values that matter most to me, and do they care about people like me? Second, can I trust them to represent me faithfully? Third, do they have the personal qualities that lead me to believe they’ll do right by my values and interests, such as integrity, leadership, and competence? And fourth, if there’s an issue that really matters to me (e.g., the Iraq War), what’s their stand on it, and can I trust them to think about it and make decisions which I would probably make if I had all the information they’ll have as my elected representative?”
    And those turn out to be just the questions voters do ask when casting their ballots, and in just that order.“
    [And for more, consult the Reframing links’ at www.rupertsread.uk, two thirds of the way down on the left-hand-roll/side.]