11 Nov

Save the Humans

The truth will not set you free.

The truth will not save the planet.

Far far more than truth is needed. Far far more than just the facts, ma’am. You need an effective way of communicating that truth, those facts. You need, that is to say, a way of moving people – you need to connect with what at the most fundamental level matters to them, their needs and values, and with what moves them – literally, with their emotions. If you connect with their feelings and emotions, and if you tap into their needs and values, then you stand a chance of being able to request an action of them (such as voting for you, or investing in a low energy light bulb, or even a solar hot water system, or even giving up flying, or sitting blockading a plane loaded with nuclear bombs) with success.

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06 Nov

Jumping on the Obama band-wagon? Yes please

Personally, and I know Rupert is a little more cautious (see his Rupert’s Read posts here and here), I couldn’t be more pleased for this web forum to be launched at the time of Barack Obama’s victory in the biggest political race of them all. I feel his brand of optimism and cool, calm, collected energy is exactly what the British green movement needs too, and the groundswell that he has created in America has been incredible, overwhelming and a joy to see. As Rupert says quite rightly, we only have to hope now that Obama is kept true to his principles and to his rhetoric by the high expectations of the people who elected him in the first place, especially the first-time voters, the disposssed and the cynical.

Most of the time practically everyone I meet in Britain has been made cynical by our political system and by the disappointments of grey politician after grey politician. It’s great to see that the opposite is happening right now on the other side of the pond and I’m thrilled to see the real genuine hope and faith on people’s faces. It’s good to see it’s still out there. Obama’s hope, optimism and vitality is exactly the kind of bug that I hope comes to infect and energise UK politics, especially our radical and progressive green agenda.


05 Nov

The Launch of the Green Words Workshop

Well, finally Rupert and I have launched this lovely new web forum, the Green Words Workshop… the first step on a journey towards an open-source book to be entitled the Green Words Handbook. Open source of course means that we want YOU to contribute to what it says, because we want to build as big a consensus as possible with colleagues across the green movement and get a wide range of views, experiences and opinion.

Only in this way can we hope to tailor ideas, messages and vision fit to address the immense range of challenges facing our country and our world. So dig in, read the articles that we’ll be posting over the coming weeks and months and please make your own comments and contributions too. We’ll be happy to hear from you..!